At JUST, we’ve got one of our collective feet planted firmly in the business of water and the other one is moving and shaking, exploring how we could take what we’re doing with water and apply the same thinking to other products.  After all, our goal is to provide consumers with a variety of sustainably-packaged and -sourced beverage and food products. 


JUST® Olive Oil, JUST® Rice Cakes, and JUST® Granola are our latest JUST products available for sale on our website.  JUST® Olive oil is packaged in the same sustainable paper-based material we use for water, which has the added benefit of preserving the olive oil from the damaging effects of light. .  Although we’re still developing sustainable packaging for JUST Rice Cakes and JUST Granola, we think you’ll agree that the products live up to the JUST name.  What do you think?  Let us know!