Our Packaging – JUST WATER – UK

Our Carton is Good To Go

It's made mostly from plants. Trees are used for the paper; sugarcane for the cap. It's recyclable, efficient to ship and you can reuse it on the go.


We use paper made from trees that are responsibly harvested and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Paper is a renewable resource that contributes to lowered carbon emissions. And this is JUST the start.


Did you know that most plastic bottles are made entirely from petroleum, a non-renewable resource? JUST does things differently. The plastic in the shoulder and cap of the JUST carton is made mostly from sugarcane.


We use a thin layer of aluminum foil to protect our water from potential contamination. Both the aluminum and paper are shielded by a layer of BPA-free plastic film to protect the integrity of the bottle.

On A Roll for Good

Our JUST cartons start life in only two dimensions. We reimagined the water bottle from flat rolls that fold into shape once they are filled. This enables us to ship 1.5 million cartons in a truck—versus the 13 trucks it would take to ship the same number of plastic water bottles.

We took a lot of care in creating our packaging. So we’re proud to say the materials and processes result in 74% less harmful emissions, primarily C02, compared to a standard PET plastic bottle.

It doesn’t end here. We’re just getting started. We aim to do even better.

Yes, recyclable

We make a carton that’s sorted in the recycling stream like a milk or juice carton. Plus, JUST cartons are easily refillable for less waste and even more hydration.

JUST Yours

Go for it, own it! Not everything is meant to be shared. We’ve included a space on our carton to make it yours. Plus, a wide neck makes refills a breeze.

Delicious. Always.

The flavor of water is easily affected by the flavors around it. The JUST carton protects the integrity of our water by design. Our water is always crisp, pure, and delicious.