With the weather warming up and lots of summer celebrations on the horizon, we thought we’d hit you with a fun, simple recipe to add a touch of fun to your perfectly sparkling JUST Bubbles cocktails, mocktails, or straight-up Bubbles sip.

Ready to add some red, white, & blue to your favorite bubbly bev? Read on!

Red White & Blue Cubes

Use any ice cube tray you’d like for this festive addition to your summer sips!

What You’ll Need:

Red & Blue Electrolyte Drink

JUST Bubbles (flavor of choice)

What You’ll Do:

  1. These ice cubes are frozen in three parts so that the colors remain separate.
  2. Fill 1/3 of the ice cube tray with the red electrolyte drink.
  3. Freeze the first layer completely.
  4. Pour in the second layer of JUST Still water.
  5. Freeze the second layer completely.
  6. Lastly fill the ice cube tray with the blue electrolyte drink.
  7. Let the ice cubes freeze completely.
Serve with your favorite JUST Bubbles flavor (or flavors if you’re feeling extra!) & enjoy!

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