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Who is JUST?
JUST is a like-minded group which came together to drive social and environmental impact through a better kind of business
A business that rethinks how we source, deliver and consume every day products
A business that combines for-profit energy with non-profit motives
Goal is to offer everyday products with impact and affordability

Where can I buy JUST?
Find JUST at a store near you: Click Here

Or get JUST delivered to your doorstep by shopping our website or Amazon.

JUST Water

Where is JUST Water from?
JUST water is 100% spring water sourced from the Glens Falls watershed at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York where water is bountiful.

Does JUST Water meet bottled water regulations for water quality?
JUST meets all 50 state regulations for bottled water. These regulations require stringent quality and testing regime at the source, bottling and finished product.

How is the water responsibly sourced?
We have an open and inclusive water agreement with the City of Glens Falls, New York – a city rich in water due to abundant rain and snow each year. Our partnership ensures the local watershed is protected while a fair price is established for our access to the water. JUST pays six times the highest local municipal rate for the water we use.

What is the shelf life for JUST Water and JUST Infused?
JUST Water is best enjoyed within 18 months of being bottled. Each carton has a printed best by date, following the letters “BB”.

JUST Infused is best enjoyed within 12 months of being bottled. Each carton has a printed best by date, following the letters “BB”.

Are there any additives, preservatives or sweeteners in JUST Infused waters?
No additives, preservatives, colors, calories or sweeteners added to the JUST Infused water. 100% spring water with 100% organic fruit essence infused into it. Essences are distilled water, so we’re simply adding water to our water. The result: clean, authentic and enjoyable flavor.

Are your Infused waters certified organic?
Yes, all our JUST Infused waters in the United States are certified organic!

Water Profile:

What is the pH of JUST Water?
JUST water has a pH of 8 which makes it naturally alkaline. pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid with 7 being the neutral point.

Does JUST Water have electrolytes?
JUST has naturally occurring electrolytes. Our water with its low minerality has a very soft taste profile. See the JUST water analysis below.

JUST Water Analysis              (mg/Liter)
pH                                                      8
Calcium                                            17
Magnesium                                      4
Sodium                                             3.6
Potassium                                        0.08
Bicarbonate                                     68
Electrolyte Total                             71.68

What is the difference between spring water, purified water and artesian water?
Spring water – must be produced from a natural spring. A spring is a location where water flows naturally to earth’s surface.

Purified water – water that comes from any source, but has been purified to remove any chemicals or contaminants. Types of purification include distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, and carbon filtration.

Artesian water – water produced from an artesian well. To be an artesian well the water in the aquifer (a subsurface rock unit that holds and transmits water) must be under enough pressure to force it up the well to a level that is higher than the top of the aquifer.

The JUST Carton

What is the carton made from?
The JUST carton is a plant-based carton, meaning it is made from renewable resources that can be regrown naturally. The breakdown of materials is: 53.7% paper from FSC certified forests, 34.7% plant-based plastic, 8.1% traditional plastic, 3.5% aluminum.

What makes the JUST carton the best option?
JUST comes in a paper-based carton that is derived primarily of renewable resources. The paper in our carton comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests, where new trees replace the ones that are harvested. The plant-based plastic is The JUST water bottle recently improved from 82% to 88% renewable resources by increasing the use of our plant-based materials within the carton packaging. Through 3rd party verification, there is 74% reduction in carbon emissions with a JUST water carton compared to an average, medium weight plastic bottle. However, we’re ever satisfied, we’ll always strive to get better and be better.

Is the JUST Water carton recyclable? Is recycling available where I live?
The JUST water carton is recyclable anywhere carton recycling is available. Currently carton recycling is available in 62%+ of the United States and that number is rapidly growing. Access has grown by nearly 300% in the US since 2008. Canada has nearly universal access to carton recycling (96% of households). To find a location near you: Click Here

Does the JUST carton contain BPA?
The JUST water carton is 100% BPA free!

What is the white droplet inside the container below the bell?
The white droplet is part of the plastic resin that is pressed after the top of the carton is formed around the paper body. Rest assured it is completely safe and made of the same material as the bell and neck of the container.

JUST next

What’s next for JUST?
We’re constantly striving to improve our model for greater social and environmental impact.

I want to sell JUST at my location (hotel, yoga studio, cafe, restaurant, food truck, etc), distribute JUST or bring JUST to my school. Who can I contact?
Thanks for your interest! Please reach the JUST sales team at sales@justwater.com and someone will get back to you shortly.

Drink Tap Water:
JUST encourages responsible water consumption, starting with the use of reusable drinking water carriers. We encourage filtered tap water to play a role in the lives of our customers because it’s JUST right. If you need bottled water on-the-go, please consider the JUST water carton vs. the traditional plastic package.

JUST Water

  • 100% spring water responsibly sourced
  • Paper-based bottle to mitigate environmental impact
  • Helping small town America
  • Better for Everyone®

Who do I contact for partnership opportunities or distribution?
We love working with like-minded people – drop us a line at sayhello@justbetter.com.