An aluminum bottle? Not plastic? Yes!

We were hearing requests over and over from our community: we want sparkling! So, we set out to do that in the best, most JUST way.

In addition to sourcing the best possible water for Bubbles, we also had to find the best possible package—and by best, of course we mean most sustainable and eco-friendly. Voila! Aluminum.

Everyone knows the good ole’ aluminum can. But those pop tops don’t reclose and aren’t reusable. Ding! But an aluminum bottle, now there’s a thing. Our bottles are sturdy, which means you can reuse them. They’re resealable to keep the bubbles inside, so you don’t have to drink the whole can in one sitting (if you can resist) or risk wasting what’s left. And aluminum is infinitely recyclable. What does that mean? Isn’t plastic recyclable? Well, yes, it is. But only so many times. Each time you recycle plastic, the quality degrades and there’s a point after about six or seven times when you can’t use recycled plastic material any longer. Aluminum, however, can be reused over and over and over. That’s the reason that approximately 75% of the aluminum ever used in the world is still in use!

You might be wondering why we didn’t use the carton we use for JUST Still. Cartons are perfect for Still, but not for Bubbles. Why? Because the material we use for the cartons isn’t thick enough to keep the bubbles inside. If you ever pick up a plastic bottle of sparkling water again—hmm, will you?—you’ll notice that the bottle is heftier and doesn’t crinkle like a lot of plastic water bottles do. That’s because it has to be a heavier gauge—read: more plastic, read: bigger carbon footprint—in order to retain the pressure on the CO 2 inside and thus maintain the bubbles.

So, true to form, we didn’t take the easiest, cheapest route. We took the JUST route. And brought you the sparkling water you asked for in the bottle that’s both best suited to the task of protecting those delightful bubbles and is best for the planet.

Cheers to that!

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