Two mountain sources. Both sustainable and pristine.

When we set out to make JUST Bubbles, we knew that we were going to find another source of spring water that matched not only the delicious, pure quality of our Adirondack Mountain spring, but its sustainability as well.

As you know, when we founded JUST in Glens Falls, NY, it was because the spring water there is enormously and consistently plentiful. The watershed contains over three billion gallons, and the community only uses about half of that amount. So, we knew we’d only be bottling a portion of the excess, and by doing so supporting the region with a new, local business.

We had to seek out another source for Bubbles because our factory in New York isn’t able to bottle sparkling water. So again, we went looking for the best possible option: mountain-sourced water and a lot of it, so we could be sure we weren’t impacting the surrounding community’s supply.

We found it in Montana.

The water we use for Bubbles comes from a spring deep beneath Montana’s Big Snowy Mountains. The spring is 1200 feet below the surface and produces 90 million gallons of water each day. The natural limestone geography of the mountain range infuses the spring water with its unique mineral content—the source of its crisp, delicious, pristine taste.

Only the best. Only JUST.

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