Whether you’re celebrating self-love or shared love with your special someone this Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing the perfect swoon-worthy sip to set the mood.

Featuring your favorite flavor of light and refreshing JUST Bubbles and a tasty twist thanks to a childhood classic, cotton candy, this Cupid’s mocktail is the perfect sweet, seductive sip to serve on the day dedicated to love.

Cupid’s Cotton Candy Mocktail

Cotton Candy Cocktail Recipe

To Make:

  • Rim your serving glass with sprinkles by filling one small bowl with water, and a second with
  • sprinkles or sugar of choice.
  • Dip the rim of the glass into the water, and then directly into the sprinkles to adhere.
  • For Cupid’s cocktail, add a small handful of cotton candy to your serving glass. Pick your favorite flavor of JUST Bubbles & pour over the cotton candy. Watch it melt away into the pastel pink drink & serve immediately.

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