Let's face it, working out can feel like being trapped in an elevator with your in-laws, the guy at work that won’t stop tapping his pen on his desk, and the screaming baby from the back of the plane. But before you make the couch your place of residence and boycott exercise forever, we’re dropping our best hacks to make working out suck a little less. Don’t worry, there’s no ‘suck it up’ energy being served here, just sneaky ways to make your sweat sessions a little less ‘i’d rather do my taxes than just do it’.

Distract Yourself (From How Much You Hate This)

Fact: Your brain is a master procrastinator. Exploit this weakness! Binge your favorite podcast (crime junkies, we know you’d got a few episodes queued up), catch up on your favorite shows, or grab a friend and swap your coffee date for a hike, power walk, or a side-by-side treadmill sesh. 

Switch It Up

Let's face it, your standard bicep curls can start to feel about as exciting as waiting in line at the DMV. To spice your sweat sessions up, try out a new type of workout you haven’t tried before. If the idea of jumping into something new sounds intimidating, ease your way in. 

Always hop on the treadmill at the gym? Try a spin class or jump on the stairclimber. Love yoga? Look into mat pilates! If this still sounds daunting, or your worried about looking like the new kid who has no idea what they’re doing, you can dip your toes in with at home workout videos on platforms like Youtube or even TikTok. Not only are these videos free, they’re also easy to filter so you can find beginner level workouts designed for the fresh to fitness folk.

For our bold wannabe workout warriors, try out apps like ClassPass, which offers a free trial period, that allows you to access a variety of workout studios in your area. Another option is to look into exercise facilities that offer a free trial class, so there’s less pressure and no long term commitment if you find that workout style isn’t for you.

Get Juiced Up with Jams

Admit it, we've all been there. You lace up your gym shoes with the enthusiasm of a kid asked to do their chores. But the second that first base drops on your favorite jam, you're suddenly (at least somewhat) motivated to get your movement on. Studies have shown music can be your own personal hype man, boosting your mood, reducing fatigue, and even making those reps feel lighter. So crank up the jams, and channel your inner champion. You might even surprise yourself (and your gym crush) with your newfound athletic prowess.

Hydration Heroics

Speaking of punishment, dehydration is a one-way ticket to Exercise Miseryland. If you want to avoid looking like SpongeBob after a few hours on the sand, listen up. 

The Golden Hydration Rule: Aim for 16 ounces of water about 2 hours before your workout. During exercise, take small sips every 15-20 minutes. And after you're done conquering those squats, another 16 ounces will help your body recover like a champ.

Choosing H2O that’s rich in minerals, like JUST Water Still Spring Water, is a great choice because it's packed with naturally occurring electrolytes –  the minerals your body loses through sweat. These minerals help your muscles function properly and keep you energized–all good things for the gym grind.

If you’re not about to lug around a gallon of liquid like the resident meatheads, grab a lightweight option like a 11.2 oz carton, which fits perfectly in your gym bag and are convenient to grab & go for outdoor workouts like hiking, walking, cycling, or jogging. This way, you can take your water break wherever your workout takes you.

Don’t Fuel Like a Fool

Forget fancy pre-workout powders that taste like your 7th grade science experiment. Instead, focus on getting a good mix of carbs, proteins, and fats before you hit the gym, with a main focus on carbs (sorry keto kids, you’re on your own for this one). Since carbohydrates are the easiest macronutrient to provide energy, they’re the GOAT of pre-workout snacking. 

Another key component of pre-workout nutrition? Caffeine! Yes, caffeine connoisseurs, here’s your perfect excuse to slam back everyone's favorite morning mojo juice. Research shows caffeine can be a helpful tool for athletes. Studies suggest it can improve performance in endurance activities, high-intensity workouts, and even power sports. It appears to work by affecting the nervous system, potentially delaying fatigue and boosting fat burning. So go ahead and fill that mug with espresso, matcha, or whatever source of energy elixir you prefer about 45 to 60 minutes prior to working out to get that ‘just do it’ juju flowing.

Final Word

Remember, even small changes can make a big difference in your fitness motivation. With a few tweaks and a dash of discipline, you can build a healthy workout habit that you don’t actually hate. So get ready to get sweaty fam!

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