Looking for the ultimate subtly sweet sip to enjoy as we bid farewell to spring and sail right on into summer? This one’s for you! Featuring bright bursts of juicy citrus flavor from Valencia Orange Bubbles and warm, rich notes of vanilla, this Creamsicle Faux-mosa is a 50/50 bar in a sip & 100% guaranteed to be a hit.

With just three ingredients and popping off with fresh, fruit-forward flavor, this delicious mocktail is zero-proof and perfect for any occasion.

Valencia Orange Creamsicle Faux-Mosa 

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Do: 

  1. In a glass, using a hand held frother, froth the heavy whipping cream until light and fluffy  
  2. In a cocktail glass, pour in a 3:1 ratio of orange juice to heavy whipping cream just to fill half of the glass  
  3. Top drink off with Valencia Orange Bubbles 

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