Ah, summer! The season of sun-kissed afternoons, lazy poolside lounging, and of course, picnics that are the stuff of Instagram legend. But let's be real, curating the perfect picnic basket is an art form. It's like crafting a symphony where cheese, charcuterie, and canned beverages play in perfect harmony. Lucky for you, we've got the lowdown on how to create a picnic basket so perfect, even Mother Nature will give you a standing ovation.

The Basics: Packing Like a Pro

First things first, you need a sturdy basket. None of those flimsy, last-minute bags. We're talking woven wicker with a handle that says, "I came to picnic, and I want to get cute content for TikTok". Line it with a checkered blanket because, duh, aesthetics are major.

Now, let’s go gourmet fam!

Sandwich Station (Because Nobody Likes a Soggy Sandwich)

Remember in grade school when you opened your lunch box only to find a PB&J that looked like an elephant sat on it? Yeah, we’re still triggered too. We’ve got the perfect solution to sad, smooshed sammies: the picnic sandwich station! Let’s go!

  • Bread: Ditch the flimsy white bread. Pack crusty baguettes, focaccia, or a wicker basket full of pretzel rolls for the quintessential carbs that are here to shuttle the inner goodness of your fave sammie.
  • Protein: Channel your inner charcuterie board baddie & pack sturdy sliced meats, cheeses, and hard-boiled eggs. If you’re able to get past the smashed lunchbox PB&J PTSD, you can also throw in a jar of your favorite nut butter and fruit spread. Bonus points for a DIY hummus station with pita bread, colorful veggies, and of course, hummus. 
  • Fresh Produce: Obviously, you need a dash of greens to round out your sandwich masterpiece. Pack up a head of lettuce & then spice it up with a few other options, like sliced cucumber, tomato slices, sliced bell peppers, sprouts, and for out plant-based peeps, pre-grilled portobello mushroom caps. And if you’re feeling summer bod shape up vibes, you can also pack other veggies for a healthy side, like broccoli, baby carrots, baby tomatoes, and celery sticks.Think beyond the sad baby carrots.
  • Final Touch: Don’t forget the potato chips (the gold standard ingredient for the perfect sandwich), pickles, and banana peppers. These little add ons are what earns that chef’s kiss.

2. Charcuterie and Cheese

If you’re feeling more munchy vibes, channel your inner Frenchie with a selection of cured meats, a variety of cheeses (soft, hard, stinky, you name it), crackers & crusty bread bites, and a bunch of grapes for that classy touch. Pro tip: pre-slice everything to avoid bringing a butcher knife to the park.

3. More Snickity-Snacks & Sweets

Throw in a mix of sweet & savory snacks to keep you fueled while you keep the fun going. Some of our go-to’s include marinated olives, flavored nuts, pretzels (OG & peanut butter varieties), popcorn, and a rainbow of fresh fruit. And definitely don’t skip the treats. Our favorites are choco-chip cookies, brownie bites, or if you’re ‘fancy, huh’ chocolate covered strawberries are the move.

4. Bottoms Up

Yo dog, the dog days of summer get toasty. Make sure to pack a cooler full of drinks, like fun-sized JUST Still Water’s, Bubbles for that touch of sparkle, & if you’re going 21 & up, maybe a few hard seltzers or kombucha's.

Picnic Approved Perfect Pairings

If you're looking to earn your spot as the picnic prince or princess, take it one step further with a food pairing basket that brings the best Bubbles & bites together like they just met on a dating app.

1. Lemon Bubbles

Pair with: Zesty red pepper hummus, pita bread bites, and veggie sticks. The citrusy Bubbles complement the fresh crunch of carrots and cucumbers, making you feel like you’re nibbling on sunshine.

2. Lime Bubbles

Pair with: Pre-prepped sweet & spicy chicken wings you pick up from the deli section at the grocery store.The tangy Lime Bubbles cut through the slightly hot wings, giving your taste buds a refreshing time out. Plus, it’s a match made in picnic heaven.

3. Valencia Orange Bubbles

Pair with: Prosciutto-wrapped melon. The sweet and savory combo of the melon and prosciutto pairs beautifully with the bright, citrus notes of tangy Valencia Orange Bubbles. It’s like a flavor fiesta in your mouth.

4. Huckleblueberry Bubbles

Pair with: A classic cheese platter. The Huckleblueberry Bubbles’ subtle sweetness complements a variety of cheeses, from a sharp cheddar to a creamy brie, making it the ultimate picnic pairing.

Finish Strong & Scrumptious

Don’t forget to bring reusable utensils, napkins, and maybe even a portable speaker for some background tunes. And remember, the best picnics aren’t just about the food—they’re about enjoying the company, sunshine, and the beautiful outdoors. So, relax, sip back, & soak up all the juicy goodness of summertime radness.

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