One bottle of water can make a difference because, whether you choose JUST Still or Bubbles, you’re voting with your wallet for water that comes from not only pristine but plentiful sources. And you’re voting for packaging that doesn’t make the impact that plastic does on our environment.   

Plant-Based Packaging 

Our cartons are made mostly from plants. Those plant-based materials come from renewable resources—paper from trees, cap and shoulder from sugarcane—which can be regrown and pull carbon from the air as they do. That’s what makes the carton the best option for Still. The materials on the front end make a lower impact on the plant in how they’re sourced, produced, and transported. All that, and they can be recycled on the back end, too.  

Infinitely Recyclable 

The aluminum bottles we use for Bubbles are better, too, but in a different way. Aluminum can be recycled infinitely. You can’t say that about plastic—it degrades after being recycled six or seven times and becomes unusable. Aluminum also has the highest level of recycling rates among all beverage packaging. Therefore, each time you put an aluminum bottle in the recycling bin, you can have confidence that it will come back to life as another one. 

Plentiful Water Sources 

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At JUST, we’re not just making products to put more stuff into the world. We’re bringing you pristine mountain spring water in thoughtful packaging. And, with each bottle or carton, empowering you to take a step in the right direction.

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