Whether you’re a professional strapped for time (and strapped to a desk job), a busy parent juggling kids & managing the household, or are simply amongst  ⅓ of the global population that just isn’t able to meet the minimum requirements for daily physical activity outlined by the medical community for optimal health, most of us could use a bit more movement in our day. However, with so much of modern lifes built around screens, including more activity is often easier said than done for the majority of us.

We get it. We’re all busy, often strapped for time, and quite frankly, have a whole host of things we’d rather be doing than sweating it out at the gym. But with all signs pointing to the importance and benefits of N.E.A.T. (non-exercise activity thermogenesis–i.e. all movement outside of formal exercise attributed to our daily energy expenditure) for weight management and general physical well being, it’s clear that we need to do what we can to move (literally) away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Think that the only way to feel the burn while burning calories is with structured exercise? Think again! Today, we’re dropping our top tips, tricks, and hacks to encourage you to move more throughout your day–no gym required.

Sneaky Strategies to Fit Fitness Into Your Day

Take the Stairs
Whenever you’re faced with the choice between taking the stairs versus the escalator or elevator, try to take the stairs whenever possible. This way, not only will you add more movement into your day, but you’ll also be spared from an awkward elevator ride complete with bad music, awkward silence, or worse–small talk about the weather.

Drink More Water
One easy way to force your hand with more physical activity is to drink more water. More water means more trips to the restroom, which inadvertently means more steps. So stock up on quality, mineral-rich water like JUST to enjoy the added health benefits of better-for-you hydration, & keep chugging away throughout the day. More sips, more steps, more movement!

Park a Ways Away
Whether you’re going to the grocery store, to work, to the movies, or some other destination, be sure to extend the journey from parking lot to entrance when you can. By implementing this tip into your daily routine, you could add an upwards of 140,000 steps a year to your N.E.A.T expenditure, which comes to about 56 whole miles! More burn, less effort? Just a walk in the park(ing lot).

Swap Coffee Dates for Coffee Walks
Meeting a friend or co-worker for a coffee date? Instead of sitting, sipping, and shootin’ the shi–, err, chatting (we keep it PG over here), take your java to go and your catch up date on the road. We guarantee, once you try pairing the endorphins from movement, caffeine from your favorite coffee-shop staple, and quality time with good company, you’ll never go back.

Kick up your Cooking
Find yourself relying on takeout and delivery on the reg for your meals? Try adding meal prep or cooking at home into your routine. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be adding more time on your feet as you whip, chop, & stir away in the kitchen. Bonus points (and calories burned) if you also take on the post-meal cleanup!

Binge & Burn
We all love a good TV series binge now and again. Next time you plan to Netflix & chill, cut back on the chill by including some body-weight movement into your stream-athon. Some of our go-to’s? Performing either 25 crunches, 15 air squats, or 10 pushups between episodes and during commercial breaks.

Ditch the Desk Chair
One easy way to increase N.E.A.T. while working is to swap out your desk chair for a stability ball. When you sit on a stability ball, you’re required to activate our core muscles to balance, ultimately burning more calories than sitting on a standard desk chair. Another option? Try a standing desk! Not only will this boost your burn, but it’s a great opportunity to improve posture as many of us tend to slouch over our computers while posted in front of our computer screens during the 9 to 5 grind.

Feel like you’ve got no time for the gym? No sweat! These sneaky strategies to fit fitness into your day are an easy way to add activity into your day, no workout required.

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